Thursday, May 2, 2013

{Week 15 Update}

I haven't taken any pictures since week 11, because I haven't been losing. After much research and experimenting I've finally seen the scale drop a few more pounds. I learned through research that I wasn't eating enough. So, after weeks of eating more calories, my body has responded and is cooperating.....for the moment. I have changed my exercise routine a little as well. Instead of hours of cardio, I have been lifting heavy for the majority and doing little cardio. I've notice a change in my thighs and arms so far. I've also noticed that I am stronger and have more endurance. About a month ago I tried a Body Pump class and LOVED it, but I could barely do the squats. I think I was only squatting halfway. Now I can squat parallel to the floor and I can do way more reps than a month ago. I can climb stairs easier as well.

Here are a couple of comparison pictures.....

 As you can see above not much change in my overall weight since week 11, 
but my arms are smaller!!! YAY! see below....
Jan 15         Mar 26         May 2
                                     ^Look at my arm in the last  2 pics^

Thanks for reading and come back for week 16!

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