Thursday, May 16, 2013

{Sun Kissed}

Here is today's morning pick me up juice. I have to say.... it is very spicy! I started my 10 day juice fast today. I'm excited to see how I will feel on day 10. If you've never watched "Fat, sick and Nearly Dead" you should! I'm not saying it is for everyone. I don't have any evidence that it works, but I'm giving it a go! I'll keep you updated :)

"Get glowing skin with this beautiful juice rich in carotenoids, a family of more than 700 naturally-occurring yellow, red and orange pigments found in vegetables and fruits. A small study from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland showed the groups that consumed just 3 extra servings of carotenoid containing fruits and vegetables showed a small change in their skin tones and coloration that was enough to be perceived as more attractive to others in just 6 weeks. Here is more information on how fruits and vegetables can make us appear more attractive."

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